Architecture Complex, Genoa University
Stradone Sant’Agostino 11, Genoa, Italy
July 8-11, 2012

SUMMERSIM2012 - Summersim 2012 Final Program

Summersim is a large event usually organized in North America and Europe to provide the opportunity for publishingand presenting top quality scientific papers in the different areas of modeling & simulation (M&S). Focusing on several topical perspectives will illustrate the tremendous evolution of the modeling and simulation community. Summersim is really an international multiconference involving world experts in the area of M&S with special attention to methodologies, techniques and applications. The 2012 edition will be held in the core of the Italian Riviera providing participants with the opportunity to enjoy world famous beaches and locations such as Portofino, Cinque Terre, as well as a chance to visit Genoa, Maritime Republic, which, during the Middle Ages, was a Critical location in world history. Participants in SummerSim2012 are free to attend sessions and other activities in any of the constituent events, such as SPECTS, SCSC & GCMS. The Conference topics will include, among others, the following:

M&S Technologies
 Augmented Reality
 Common Training Architectures
 Constructive Simulation
 Continuous Simulation
 Data Fusion
 Data Mining
 Design  of Experiments
 Discrete Event Simulation
 Distributed Interactive Simulation  
 Experiential Digital Media  
 High Level Architecture  
 Human Behavior Models
 Live Simulation
 Modeling & Simulation Languages  
 M&S System Architecture  
 Parallel & Distributed M&S
 Real Time M&S 
 Simulation Life-Cycle Evolution  
 Simulation Software Engineering  
 System Dynamics Representation  
 Test & Training Enabling Architecture
 Virtual Reality
 Virtual Simulation
 Synthetic Environments  
 Web-based Simulation

Computer Systems
 Distributed Architecture
 Computer Architectures
 Electronic Commerce
 Hardware and Software  Monitors
 High-Performance Computing
 Security and Information Assurance
Industry & Business Practices
 Collaboration Environments  
 Simulation-based Acquisition  
 Economics of M&S
 Education for M&S Professional  
 Future of Modeling & Simulation  
 Information Systems  
 Infrastructure Planning & Design  
 Communications & Media  
 Management Science  
 Process Engineering  

Networking and Telecommunication Systems
 Internet Technology
 Networking Techniques
 Broadband Networks
 Wireless Systems and Networks 
 Multimedia Systems, Communications and Applications

Tools, Methodologies and Applications
Content Delivery
Parallel and Distributed Simulation
Verification and Validation
Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Applications
Performance Optimization, Bounds, and Models
Queuing Systems and Networks
Scalability Studies
Integrated Modeling and Measurement
On-Line Performance Adaptation and Tuning
Process Algebra Based Models
Mathematical Aspects and Integrated Design of Performance
Case Studies
M&S Applications
 Adaptive Systems  
 Agent Directed Simulation  
 Artificial Life  
 Artificial Neural Networks 
 Business Intelligence  
 Data Fusion 
 Fuzzy Logic
 Knowledge Management  
 Knowledge Based Expert Systems  
 New Product Development  
 Complexity, Complex Systems  
 Ecology & Environments
 Electro-Mechanical Systems  
 Geophysical Systems  
 Marine Applications  
 Materials Modeling & Simulation  
 Defense Applications
 Queuing Systems  
 Robotics & Autonomous Systems  
 Synthetic Environment
 System Dynamics  
 Training Simulators  
 Transportation & Traffic 

General Chairs

SCSC 2012

The Summer Computer Simulation Conference represents one of the oldest event in M&S worldwide and at the same time the top Conference with state of art of most innovative Simulation Technologies. Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC2012) focus is on Simulation as Enabler for the Future; in fact Modeling and Simulation (M&S) is a very critical area for supporting Research and Development, as well as competitiveness, worldwide. New technologies are enabling new uses of M&S and increasing its impact in new areas. SCSC2012 provides an International Forum for presenting the State of the Art in the International Simulation Community as well as the Effectiveness of Simulation Experiences in World Businesses. The best overall papers, as selected by the Conference Committee, will be considered for possible publication in special issue of International Journals.

General Chairs:

  • Peter Kropf, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • Francesco Longo, MSC-LES Univ.Calabria, Italy
  • Program Co-Chairs:

  • Miquel Angel Piera, University Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

  • GCMS 2012

    The 5th International Conference on Grand Challenges in Modeling and Simulation (GCMS2012) is one of the main SummerSim2012 conferences, organized by the Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS). Following the success of the earlier conferences in Edinburgh, Istanbul and Ottawa the focus of GCMS2012 will continue to be on the major challenges that must be met if the full potential of modeling and simulation is to be realized. Significant progress in M&S methods and applications has accompanied the rapid growth in the power and cost-effectiveness of available computer systems, but many challenges remain.

    GCMS General Chair:

  • Roy Crosbie, Cal.State Univ. Chico, CA, USA
  • GCMS Program Chairs:

  • Priscilla Elfrey, Kennedy Space Center - NASA, FL, USA
  • Terry Ericsen, Office of Naval Research, CA, USA
  • Ralph Huntsinger, CSU, Chico-Humboldt, CA, USA
  • Hamid Vakilzadian, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA
  • GCMS Program Co-Chairs

  • Kelly Cooper, Office of Naval Research, CA, USA
  • Mhamed Itmi, INSA-ROUEN, France

  • Genoa

    SPECTS 2012

    The International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS2012) is an annual international conference acting as forum for professionals involved in performance evaluation of computer and telecommunication systems. Performance evaluation of computer systems and networks has progressed rapidly in the past decade and has begun to approach maturity. Significant progress has been made in analytic modeling, simulation, and measurement approaches for performance evaluation of computer and telecommunication systems. SPECTS is technically co-sponsored by IEEE Communications Society and IEEE SMC Society (pending sponsorship for 2012). Accepted papers of SPECTS are archived in IEEE Xplore (pending approval for 2012)

    Honorary Chair:

  • Mohammad Obaidat Monmouth Univ. NJ USA
  • General Chair:

  • Jose Sevillano, Univ.of Seville, Spain
  • Program Chairs:

  • Raffale Bolla, Univ.of Genoa, Italy
  • Pere Vila, Univ.of Girona, Spain
  • Isaac Woungang, Ryerson Univ., ON, Canada

  • ICBGM 2012

    The 2012 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation brings together research paper presentations, panel sessions, tutorials, workshops, seminars, industrial applications, and software demonstrations that use Bond Graph modeling methods. There will be also featured plenary speakers and some special invited presentations.
    This conference will focus on Bond Graph modeling techniques for dynamic systems. Theoretical principles for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and control system applications will be presented. Leading industrial users of the method in automotive, aircraft, fluid power, kinematics, multibody systems, and social and biological systems have been invited. Research papers are welcome in the following categories of presentation

    General Chair:

  • Jose' J. Granda, California State University, USA
  • Program Chair:

  • Francois Cellier, ETH Zentrum, Switzerland

  • Paper Submission

    Full papers should be submitted for the review process through the conference website. Each submission must include the title, authors, abstract, affiliations, addresses, main body and references for proper positioning in the conference. Each paper will be reviewed by different members of the International Program Committee of the specific Conference and track taking into consideration scientific quality, originality and relevance. Only original papers, written in English will be accepted. Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend the conference, present their works, transfer copyright and pay conference registration fees at the time their camera ready papers are submitted. Conference best papers will be directed to International Journals for possible inclusion through content extension.

    Summersim 2012 Deadlines

    • Special Session Proposals Febryart 16, 2012
    • Paper Submission March 22, 2012
    • Notification of Acceptance April 30, 2012
    • Final Submission May 21, 2012
    • Early Registration May 21, 2012

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